Saturday, April 9, 2011

I was trying to envision the universe from the standpoint of a photon and it seems that based on the Lorentz contraction:
LaTeX Code: L = L_{0}\\sqrt{1-u^2/c^2}
since u = c this implies that, from the photons point of view, the length of the universe in the photons direction of travel contracts to zero.
Moreover, based on time dialation
LaTeX Code: \\bar{t} = \\frac{t}{\\sqrt{1-u^2/c^2}}
since u = c any time t-bar measured by an observer will correspond to a zero time measurement by the photon.
Does all this mean that a photon observes itself as stuck timeless and stationary on a 2D sheet?
This just seems like a curious state of affairs and I was wondering if my reasoning was correct.


  1. Ofra Haza - kaddish

  2. TAMA Darkness
    SARVOTTAMA < NARAYANA is SARVOTTAMA , the supreme ! >

  3. in-a fourth flavor of neutrino ...existence a-new particle


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